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The strongest hail the size of a ball hit Australia!.mp4

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Published on 08 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

The country's meteorological office said Wednesday that the east coast of Australia has experienced record hailstorms this week, with more shrapnel than residents of the vineyard in parts of Queensland. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said on Monday thunderstorms struck the Jalborough area north of McCoy, 954 km (593 mi) north of Brisbane, causing a record 16 centimeters (6. 3 in) hail. The video, obtained by Reuters, also showed cars and buildings that fell on the Gold Coast industrial site during a downpour on Monday. The man lifted a hail the size of a golf ball and showed it to the camera. According to BoM, giant hailstones are very rare and only form under certain conditions. “Over central Queensland, there was a combination of very cold, dry and hot humid air,” BoM said in an email. "When these thunderstorms came, the atmosphere became extremely unstable, and the hail continued to rise before gravity caused the hail to fall to the ground. According to BoM, the previous record for the most severe hail was set during the 2020 Queensland hurricane. According to BoM, severe thunderstorm warnings continued in parts of Queensland on Wednesday and the storm is expected to spread to eastern parts of the state. Australia has been plagued by wild weather in recent days, and a rare tornado was reported in northern New South Wales earlier this week. The presence of cold air at high altitudes has a double effect - it reduces cold in the atmosphere, promotes heavy hail, and increases the instability or energy required to fuel a storm. Volatility is proportional to the temperature difference between the warmer surface and the colder air above. The higher this contrast, the faster the air rises and the hail can increase. Typically, a thunderstorm requires 200 to 500 volatility units; Australia had about 3,000 units at the time of formation on Tuesday, which means any storm could trigger an eruption.

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