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The Romance of Sacred Song By David J Beattie, Chapter 6 Hymns Sung in Tragic Moments

Irving Risch
Irving Risch - 23 Views
Published on 05 Nov 2022 / In Spiritual

For Hymn Lovers everywhere.
The Romance of Sacred Song
By David J Beattie
“Not only is inanimate nature full of music,” says an eminent writer, “but God has wonderfully organized the human voice so that in the plainest throat and lungs, there are fourteen direct muscles that can make over sixteen thousand different sounds. Now, thirty indirect muscles can make, it has been estimated, more than one hundred and seventy-three million sounds. Now, I say, when God has so constructed the human voice, and when He has filled the whole earth with harmony, and when He recognized it in the ancient temple, I have a right to come to the conclusion that God loves music.”

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