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The REAL Location Of The FALLEN ANGELS & NEPHILIM | Are They Here On EARTH With Us Or In TARTARUS?

TrustChristORGoToHell - 346 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2022 / In Spiritual

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Sonni Signs
Sonni Signs 4 months ago

General Byrd took a trip the far up to the north pole and found some beings there, they took control of his plane and guided him into a hollow part of the earth. There's a video of him explaining his whole trip. It's difficult to find now that all of this is coming out. He exposed this in an interview with two guys, it was in black and white film.

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(They)) dwell in different locations around the world in underground bases. There are at least two very important bases of these "gods", one is at the border between Kuwait and Iraq, the second is in Israel, the third is in Egypt deep down under the pyramids and the tree of Mary. The mega base between Kuwait and Iraq is from where (they)) control humanity with mind control methods of hidden frequencies which is in touch with Levan and Liltih- the moon and a dark moon behind "our" moon.((They)) satan's seed or hybrids do not belong to this planet, and humanity just go around and around about the history of this foreign especies. People of this planet have never been alone, and those entities with "superior" knowledge have created this reality on earth and molded the perception and opinions of mankind, for thousands of years. First we will define prejudice (to PRE-JUDGE), “A Judgment or opinion formed BEFORE the facts are known; especially an unfavorable, irrational opinion. 2. Hatred or dislike for a particular group, race, religion, etc. 3. Injury or damage to a person arising from a hasty and unfair judgement by others.” Now one who is prejudiced is usually also referred to as a bigot, defined as, “An intolerant, prejudiced person.” So one who is prejudiced pronounces judgment based solely on their own OPINION which has very little or NO basis in truth or fact. For example, in your current society, when truth brings up and exposes THE TRUTH about what are THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, what is the true motivation of the ONES behind ZIONISM, how the term “Jew” was created and is henceforth revealed as a misnomer or incorrect “made-up” word, he and the publishers are called ANTI-SEMITIC. Well, this word anti-Semitic is also USED by the ONES who are NOT Judean, but come from the Nordic and Mongol tribes of Russia, who were then called KHAZARS who adopted Judaism as their religion, to allow shield from “identity” and thus CAUSE confusion and dissension to FURTHER their OWN ANTI-SEMITIC, ANTI-LIFE or ANTI-CHRIST means. The word, as you have learned, “SEMITE” comes from the lineage of one of the sons of the one called “Noah.” His name was SEM (SHEM), whose ancestor was ADAM, the father of the white human race, who was conceived by union of the Heavenly son and guardian angel, SEMJASA and an “earth” woman. Sem (Shem) and his line wherefrom came Joseph, “earth” father to Jmmanuel, were seeded of HOLY GOD from HIS celestial SONS. So to call one an ANTI-Semite does not mean anti-“jew” or anti-other races, it means ANTI-GOD! Yet, you ones, including the truly GODLY Judeans, have been programmed by “opinion-molders” created by THE EVIL ONES of Satan who now call themselves ZIONIST JEWS, to falsely believe that those who openly expose and oppose the ANTI-GOD activities of ZIONISM, THEIR AGENCIES, SUCH AS THE ADL, THE MOSSAD and the state of ISRAEL are ANTI-SEMITES and, therefore, TO BE SILENCED! Clever indeed have been the ones who wish only to DESTROY GODNESS and control your world. So you see, dear ones, if you believe the lies of the “opinion molders,” you too are then PREJUDICED, and by your IGNORANCE you become a tool of EVIL and allow destruction of SELF and OTHERS who follow you willingly down the road to HELL. You’ve heard it said, “The road to hell is paved with ‘good’ intentions.” Make sure your “good” intentions are GOD’S intentions backed BY TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, not by OPINIONS designed to allow YOU to HANG YOURSELF. The evil ones are possessed by irrational prejudgment, hatred and dislike for others which makes them intolerant or bigoted toward those who oppose THEIR self-will OPINIONS of how things are or should be. As was discussed under the first “deadly” sin of PRIDE, if the one possessed of evil first cannot seduce others into believing what is THEIR DESTRUCTIVE and manipulative false VIEW of things, they will then desire and seek to DESTROY the ones of “goodness” and “integrity” because of THEIR (the evil ones) own intolerant bigoted will. * Jesus Christ represent Humanity, and these alien jews represent the malevolent extraterrestrial known as Draco/Reptilians --The presence of these "gods" can not be totally hidden and translates into "Satan or the Devil." They are the rebellion against Creation and the Creator and fell obligated to change anything of good and in perfection into its opposite- negative. ((They)) hate humanity as a whole, but in particular ((they)) despise the white races- the true Semite people descendants of Shem/ Noah- the sons of Adam, the father of the white races. A bitter truth.

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