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The Original Lie: You Will be Like God – Pastors Billy Crone and Mark Henry

Published on 30 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

Jan Markell hosts Pastors Billy Crone and Mark Henry. The world is telling us we can live forever with the help of technology and A.I. A Biden executive order suggests the same. They also consider the end-time importance of King Charles III. Though this is ultimately fulfilled in the Tribulation, all nations are now having “distress with perplexity” prophesied in Luke 21. Find Crone and Henry products in our online store at

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Freemasonic/Luciferians have been brainwashed by the ancient devils that their consciousness can exist without the biological body with the aid of the A.i. fake singularity.
The whole idea sold to the spiritual morons is that Lucifer will fill the fake-vessel provided by the quantum A.i. supercomputer... but the old devils, Homo capensis, has lied to their minions... The mind-uploads into A.i. cannot be verified and then the A.i. is capable to mimic the old personalities of the dead thUgs and minions.

Homo capensis apparently altered their genetics for longevity with ancient A.i. and this is why the 2000 year agenda21 was possible because those old thUgs can live longer than that.
The Sethbooks explain that they created an A.i. fake-god whom they called "Jehovah."

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Cult minions like John Denver and Shirley McLean, through their connection to the hivemind via brainchips were brainwashed that A.i. would make them godly. Actually, the brainchips make the real spiritual soul-fragment turn to mush... they were actually falling away from spiritual grace as they got closer to their A.i. fake-god.

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