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Published on 09 Apr 2021 / In Spiritual

Church Service Time and Online Location -https://www.facebook.com/SSRChurch777
10 PM Central Time Sabbath Night in America
9 AM Sabbath Day Philippines Asia
If you miss the live service you can see the recording for your Sabbath day enjoyment as we open the Scriptures. Let us unite with heaven, each other and learn the truths for our times. The end of all things is at hand.

If you comment here, please know that I may never be able to get to all your questions, so please email me here so I can help you...thank you. Contact Us: [email protected]
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Mez zeal Miano
Mez zeal Miano 27 days ago

2 Timothy 3:1
This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

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~slim~ 28 days ago

Good morning and Sabbath blessings to all .. The world is a changing place and not for the better.. It makes me sad to see what is being done to keep us in check ..The future we are leaving to our children is going to a very oppressive one ..

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SSR MEDIA 27 days ago

Hello there my brother...so glad to see you here commenting...Keep looking up, stay obedient to the Lord, overcome this world and make it to heaven...we have to all let go of this apostasy that separates us from God...HUGS...

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Mez zeal Miano
Mez zeal Miano 27 days ago

@SSR MEDIA: Amen....

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Robert M Potter
Robert M Potter 28 days ago

I was very saddened, earlier today, when I found out that two good people I know and care about decided to have themselves injected with the experimental cocktail that is often mislabeled a vaccine. One was an elderly lady who works in my local grocery store and the other was a young man who is a neighbor of mine. I don't know why the elderly grocery store employee ended up taking the vaccine, since we had discussed--several times--the dangers associated with getting it. But my heart sank when she told me she had taken it. The young man was influenced by his mother, who advised him to get it. She has no idea what she has just done to her own son. I can only pray for both of these individuals. They may not be suffering, yet, but they will. The vaccine causes different reactions for different people. Some die right away while others live on, seemingly well enough. But I hearing reports that the vaccine actually lowers the immune system so that it takes away a person's natural immunity to fight off REAL diseases. There is a card you can buy which authorizes you to legally refuse the vaccine from the 'authorities' if they should try to force it up on you. I just received my own card in the mail today. The Nuremberg code is supposed to be lawful enough to protect those who refuse the vaccine. Of course there are plenty of evil judges out there who are willing to ignore the Nuremberg code. This is where our faith and trust in God comes in.

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SSR MEDIA 28 days ago

wow...please keep me posted on her in the store...let's see what will happen. Sad that most people in this world do not want to listen, but like most of us, we have to learn the hard way....keep up the great work and revealing the truth to the lost...hugs and blessings.

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Mez zeal Miano
Mez zeal Miano 27 days ago

@Robert Potter Sabbath blessings... How are you? I love you all and hugss...

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Robert M Potter
Robert M Potter 27 days ago

@Mez zeal Miano: Thank you for asking, Mez zeal. I'm doing well, considering Jesus still isn't finished with me, yet. (I've got a long way to go before I'm fit for Heaven.)

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