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Published on 14 Aug 2021 / In Spiritual

We hold to the Biblical Truths found in the KJV BIBLE alone! We are not affiliated with any apostate churches, or any churches holding to ANY of the Babylonian doctrines from the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth Rome, or any of those churches, or institutions who have any tax exempted status like the 501c3, or anything close to that. The 501c3, c4 and the alike tax exempt status documents, which have clearly fulfilled prophecy in linking their church to the state and have thus, helped form the image of the beast (Rome) in uniting the church to the state. Any church who has done this has united their church and are controlled by the state.

We believe in reforming our lives into the image of God the best we can and that includes following good health:
The Word of God is our LIGHT:
Keeping the Law of God:
The Seventh Day Sabbath:
What must we do to be saved:
Death to Judgment:
State of Dead:
The Pope Is Antichrist:
Mark of (Rome) Beast:
3 Angel's Message:

If you would like to help us continue to spread the truth in these last days, please send your tithes and offerings here to continue to build up the kingdom of God full time...

With Loving Kindness,
Brother/Pastor Craig

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thelasttheologian 1 year ago

The Revelation 17/18 whore that rides upon the sea beast is Jerusalem, Ezekiel 23. its the antichrist central banking religion which directs virtually all human activity upon the earth via its loans of faith based fiat currency, which redistributes wealth to whatever the antichrist central banking religion wants to, to buy whatever it wants, whenever it wants. They were with negative interest rates paying their corporate cronies to borrow money, while about ten million people starve to death each year. I tend to think the great reset is the fifth trumpet 5 months of locusts(riot police).

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