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Marc Morano The Great Reset Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.mp4

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Published on 02 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Marc Morano The Great Reset Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown
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The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Trixy Blue Featured Post
4 hours ago
The Cataclysm Schism…

Until we actually could PROVE, and not Speculate in a Public or Private COURT of Rule of LAW that we NEVER landed on the Moon, we could not Prove WAR IS ILLEGAL and Murder, and has caused DAMAGES to we the Citizens of our FLAGS that our World Leader FELLOW CITIZENS have and continue to CONSPIRE with internationalist Capitalist CORPORATIONS to do HARM to We the People of PLANET EARTH as an Alien Invasion Force of PROJECT BLUE BEAM called MODS…

M.O.D.S. / Multiple Operations Detection Systems...

IT can not be spoken with Utmost Certainty that Purgatory PRIME and Purgatory FLUX have returned to ONE just because the Witchcraft, Voo Doo, and the Science of Sorcery known as 9/11 Tore down two Buildings in New York City that must belong to the PORT Authority in the State and Country of NEW YORK a CORPORATION and Corporate FLAG meaning that the Corporate Citizens of the NATION / STATE of New York and New York City must resolve it ONE DAY in our LEGAL SYSTEM of CORPORATIONS and Corporate LAW as to THE Damages too be paid to them whom were INJURED and Murdered in such said event even here and N.O.W. 21 years later…

We know of the MUD FLOOD WAR of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855 Breaking our World in TWO that is the Moon known as our Dead Celestial Sphere PLANET EARTH in the MEMORY of What Was, What Is, and What Will be, and as we all GOOD and EVIL and a Little of Both walk Day after Day with our own Personal Deja-VU in whom done what and why as NASA TESLA Rockets Drill Holes into the FIRMAMENT from the Book of Genesis, and the UN Military Troops use TONGA Time Distortation "RIPPLES" Traversal WEAPONS on the {Ocean Floor} [{**}] too Drill HOLES into the Ocean Floor draining the WATER from our Lakes and Rivers all over FLAT EARTH with the Sun and the Moon using these (Warps and Tares) [{*}] into all of The World, what do the REPROBATE headed for PERDITION on your TV Screens do.?.?.?

The People on TV in their Fine Church Clothing on Bloomberg TV act as if WE the Victims of their CRIMES do not Exist!!!

Vitiate IN their ways of SEDITION – High Treason – Brutality – Treachery, and so many other WRONGS the People on TV just talk like there is no HARM in doing CORPORATION WAR GAMES to destroy the World of Our Mother Heaven, and Our Father Earth in the TEN [tending] +=+ and +=- COMMANDMENTS of the Holy Living Bible with its Many Multiple Changes to that Biblical…

These People on TV that includes YouTUBE as INFLUENCERS lie about Landing on the MOON whence we have NEVER Landed on the Moon, and they talk as if WE MUST DO WAR when War is an Idea not a Life CYCLE, nor Style, or The Fashion of The DAY......., but for them that say: The Stocks are UP and the Stocks are DOWN of BUY MY SHIT: Consumerism and Commercialism........., we their {FELLOW CITIZENS} must kill and die for them` and their TV SHOWS of NEWS as they Brag About This person Died in the WAR, so lets have an ANNIVERSARY' like a Marriage BLOOD RED white Wedding dress "ANNIVERSARY" for World WAR ONE, and World WAR TWO, and all other WARS between ME and YOU!!!

The LADY in RED is the [Dead Bride] in a White Wedding Dress our MOON too be the Wife of Christ Jesus RETURNED in these Days of Noah RETURNED one last time in the Book of Revelation where the Moon will Turn RED, and so will all the WATER that you can no longer DRINK...

IN the Public and Private RULE OF LAW where some go to JAIL being we the INNOCENT and the Criminals are given Weapons of WAR being the C.O.P.S. the TV praises the Police Department enforcing ILLEGAL LAWS while Breaking their {OATH OF OFFICE} to the CONSTITUTION State FLAG "Contracts" Sign on the Dotted line (OATH BREAKER) they are said to have Taken A BLOOD OATH to uphold in Churches, Courts, Schools, and even on these [TV Screens] of Bloomberg MALEFICENCE TV People with all their MONEY, and all their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 while we their Fellow Citizens; must Die and Kill in WAR GAMES for them of the United Nations Security Council of and for the NATIONAL SECURITY of Space Force NATO Russia China of JADE HELM 15…

#BoyCott ?

Everyone whom does just like TV from Middle School to High School Foot Ball games and all other GAMES are this 97% my 3% we are Pulled along in the CROWD of Protectorates whom HATE our God of {GOOD and EVIL} in the Holy Living Word, but no matter where you go in AMERICA, all small towns play the (Same) Foot Ball, Basket Ball, and Base Ball while Bombing the NATIONS that Play [Soccer] from Africa to South America just as the U.S. RULE OF LAW War Flag destroyed the Middle East whom play Soccer, and so in this world of LIES AGREED UPON these Hollywood USA "TV SHOWS" by the Fake Jews in the Book of Revelation is AND are only; too Brag about their WAYS while we pay the money to keep TV Going with their COMMERCIALS of Take Your SIDE EFFECT'S Pills called COVID-19 Injections and Booster Shots.?.?.?

Christ Jesus Returned… ☃

Be Grateful you know you are in PURGATORY, and all this has already happened, but also watch them on the TV ignore your Suffering saying WATCH TV and we will Ignore you Plebes and Plebs as we Talk about how NICE it is to Dress in SUITS and TIES of BUY MY SHIT while we make Rape Slave Pornography, and NEVER talk about why we Spent ALL YOUR MONEY wearing our FEMALE WIVE Skits: putting the Hollywood USA USA USA into $33 Trillion Dollars of Debt come 2023, and WE the People on TV will still send you off to Die and Murder in WORLD WAR THREE because you do what ever WE ON TV tell you to do!!! 13&version=NIV

It is them on TV that are your ENEMY, but all you want to do is Worship and Praise Your OPPRESSORS and INVADERS as an INSURGENCY of Combatant Militants in your MINDS…


You in your Stockholm Syndrome have become COMPLACENT in your Abusive Relationship with them you’m Worship on you TV shows of American IDOLS in the New and Old Testament GOSPEL!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion "of and for" Our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy and Strutocracy….

The Society of non-mason~ ?

Johnny Exodice ?

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