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The David Knight Show Radio Broadcast 15Jun2021

David Knight
David Knight - 380 Views
Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

0:00 BREAKING: mRNA Modifies DNA. New scientific evidence destroys scientific dogma that mRNA does not modify DNA and has important implications for the experimental mRNA injections (all 4 jabs given EUA)

10:43 Follow the Money!! Here’s why the FDA approved an Alzheimer drug that FDA’s own scientific advisory panel unanimously rejected — it’s SO EXPENSIVE it will bankrupt states and individuals and raise all Medicare premiums

15:58 New information about Pfizer “tests”. Testing ran for 2 months, not required 2 years and many tests weren’t done — some tests were done that did NOT use the ACTUAL vaccine

20:14 Another 700+ deaths reported to CDC’s VAERS as they push on relentlessly to vaccinate toddlers

22:57 Hyperinflation coming says everyone but the Fed Reserve (who’s causing it). Here’s advice from one hedge fund manager on how to hedge on the coming inflation depending on what the Fed Reserve says TOMORROW'S announcement

32:10 Biden does GUN CONTROL by EXECUTIVE ORDER. Where’d he get THAT idea? Who established that as a precedent and what is Biden trying to ban?

38:17 REASON hates this FreeSpeech bill, but if it is what they described, it is EXACTLY what we need to stop BigTech censorship

44:02 Marjorie Taylor Greene runs away from the TRUTH that vaccine passports are an authoritarian Nazi-style policy like “Yellow Stars” for Jews. Look at what’s happening in India & Pakistan — and it’s coming globally

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SolarKings 2 months ago

Thanks a lot David. You are an American hero.

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