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The David Knight Show Radio Broadcast 10May2021

David Knight
David Knight - 381 Views
Published on 10 May 2021 / In News and Politics

0:00 Twitter labels discussion of “spike” as disinfo, blocks retweets and comments

1:45 Fauci now claims his INFLATED statistics are UNDERCOUNTED. The Big Lie gets bigger. But look at VAERS — a new metric — COVID injections account for 45% of ALL adverse effects for ALL vaccines for 31 YEARS, after just 4 months

9:15 How “the virus” is EXACTLY like climate alarmism — “global warming”, “global ice age” etc.

12:11 20% of battery Electric Vehicles owners have gone back; most don’t use the charging stations that Biden wants to spend TRILLIONS on building

16:06 Toyota’s “Autonomous City” - the UN2030 “Smart City”

20:38 Bipartisan push to lavishly fund storage of CO2

30:17 Pro-vaxers push back on mRNA “spike” connection to vascular disease — here are their objections and my response

40:19 Another pastor arrested in Canada for “inciting” people to come to church — and he gets the full Soviet dissident treatment in jail; and, the health version of DARPA, HARPA, to identify “dangerous” individuals

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