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The Darkmoon75 Archives - Darkmoon75 Tries A Week Of Garfield (Famicom)

Darkmoon75 - 223 Views
Published on 19 Dec 2021 / In Gaming

All content produced by me is for viewers ages 18+. This video is part of my archived Bitchute collection. The game only appeared in Japan on the Famicom, which is their version of the NES.

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Morris P Rainville
Morris P Rainville 8 days ago

I enjoyed this Darkmoon. Well done.

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canucktv 1 month ago

The Most Famous Quotes From Garfield
"Love me, feed me, never leave me." -Garfield.
"When the lasagna content in my blood gets low, I get mean." ...
"I'm not overweight. ...
"Eat your heart out, [person]." ...
"I hate Mondays." ...
"I'm not messy. ...
"Big fat hairy deal." ...
"Who ever should be dragged out into the street and shot."

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