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The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines given to the public weren't those studied in the clinical trials

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Published on 02 Nov 2023 / In News and Politics

What does this mean, how did this happen and what next?
In this episode of "Sensibly curious about vaccines", Christine Stabell Benn, MD, PhD and Tracy Beth Høeg, MD, PhD invited Joshua Guetzkow, PhD and Retsef Levi, PhD to talk about what they discovered in relation to the changes in the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing process that happened in the fall of 2020. We talk bias and lack of regulatory oversight from the FDA and EMA, what Pfizer may not have disclosed about the vaccine contents, what we know about the contents and safety of the "process 2" batches that the public received, the history of harms from vaccines rolled out with inadequate safety testing, the importance of transparency and how independent research, uncensored discussion and legal actions may offer solutions.
Links to relevant literature:
Drs. Guetzkow and Levi's BMJ rapid response about process 1 and 2:
Dr. Guetzkow's Twitter thread on the process switch:
Dr. Guetzkow's blog post on the CDC's safety signal analysis:
On the higher frequency of adverse events in process 2 batches:
The Ontario Preprint showing SV40 promoter in Pfizer mRNA vaccines:
A good timeline of the events:
Dr. Guetzkow's project on censorship and suppression of scientists and doctors who raise safety concerns about vaccines: and his paper on censorship and suppression of COVID-19 heterodoxy:

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