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The CONSPIRACY Against Christianity, by Ralph Epperson, The Da Vinci Code (film) was Another Mass Deception (Weaponized) Funded by the wwCult

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Published on 13 May 2022 / In Spiritual

The NWO is based on the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel brainchipped hivemind of Freemasonic thUgs... genocidal-thUgs who are destine to self-annihilate within their probable-worlds given to them individually by their Creator-God.
The Creator-God has already sent the Seth messenger to help humanity from going extinct due to Lumanian ancient-technology secretly given to Freemasons to destroy themselves... with a laugh from Homo capensis.

Epperson claims to be a worker of the "Light," Not of the Freemasonic Luciferian light-bearer. William Cooper's interview with Epperson clairified this:

I warn the dumbed-down Freemasons over and over that they have been all tricked by their Satan-race masters to give up their natural loving-ness and eternal-validity in exchange for servitude and the self-righteous-greedy lie of gaining a fake A.i. immortality. (In exchange for their conspiratorial genocide of the non-Cult humans.)

What physical reality does is create a multidimensional space-time framework playground for all developing soul-fragments. This framework also is designed to filter the unworthy murderous, hateful and selfrighteously-greedy... (the chaff) from the loving, worthy souls. The Creator-God is never jealous of the silly, outworn technology of the Tower-Of-Babel and the upload-suicide illusion of Homo capensis. Freemasons are set-up to destroy their bodies through upload-suicides... as well as choosing to be unworthy of the eternal-validity already given to them by their Creator-God. Silly, dumbed-down thUgs do not deserve such a gift, so they are all tricked to throw it away. What a pathetic Cult of the murderous sheepdogs... of the truly stupid type of humans.

I gave them a website explaining this but they killed the webpage and tried to assassinate me again in the vehicle with the website pasted on it. The noose is around their necks and genociding the sheeple is just the Freemasons jumping off the platform. willingly jumping off the platform with the noose around their necks... oh dear me... who will shed a tear for such pathetic, murderous thUgs who destroy themselves?

There has never been a battle between the satan-race and the Creator-God. They are just serving as tools now.


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