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The 1,000 Year Millennial Rule of Christ on Earth: Truth or Heresy?

UCG Raleigh
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Published on 06 Oct 2022 / In Spiritual

The millennial rule of Christ on earth was part of the teaching and preaching of the coming kingdom of God from the beginning of the new covenant Church. However, the teaching was suppressed and declared heresy in the 4th century at the 2nd Ecumenical Council... why? how?

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5:52 Overview of message
6:41 Early Church Teaching
7:36 Quotations From Early Church Writers
19:38 Truth Suppressed
25:18 2nd Ecumenical Council
28:58 Augustine's Work-around
37: 51 People Still Want a Millennial Solution
41:30 Catechism 1995
46:09 What Jesus Taught
51:43 What Apostles Taught

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The duration of 1,000 years is only mentioned in Revelation 20. But the return of Christ is mentioned 318 times in the NT [too many to mention]. That's 1 out of every 30 verses. He has received authority to rule and is presently in heaven…. at the appointed time He will bring that rule from there to earth ... Acts 1:11. His feet will once more touch the Mt. of Olives.
2 Thessalonians 4:13-17 … at the time of His return, and not before, those who are Christ’s will be raised to life. None will be raised to life before the rest. Some future generations might even live to see that day without ever having died in the flesh.

Your role will not be to join Christ in heaven, but to be with Him when He returns to set all things right and establish the rule of God on earth. The creation can work, the laws of God do provide a realistic framework for peace, justice, and freedom… but only with the presence of Christ and the power of the holy spirit among humanity
Revelation 22:12, 19.

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