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Thanksgiving Show 2021 Plymouth 1620 vs 1619 Project / 1776 America vs 1789 French Revolution

David Knight
David Knight - 860 Views
Published on 25 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

We are thankful for your kind support and my family wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving

Like the Pilgrims, people worldwide today find our lives have been blown off course to a strange place we never imagined.

We face difficulties that will require new skills.

— Competing narratives about the origin of our country (Plymouth 1620 vs 1619 Project)

— The people attempting to erase history, culture are leading a political revolution in the tradition of the French Socialist 1789 Revolution and the Marxist Russian & Chinese Revolutions. How is the American Revolution different?

— Will WE have the boldness to create and restore society?

— What can we learn from their experience — and ours?

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JamesRoss 2 days ago

Very good show, David...
I worked in Tucson, the governors are typically all Freemasonic. It is not just following the money at this stage of the "New Dawn" which is the rule of the A.I.supercomputer over the world. This supercomputer is the capstone floating over the pyramid on the back of the oil buck. It is no longer money which motivates the Mystery School Cult, it is now securing world domination using their world-wide brainchip-hivemind army of secret-society thUgs... murderous thUgs who do not see fellow citizens as worthy to live in their world if they are non-Cult-sworn to A.I.Lucifer.
The Cult minions are brainwashed from childhood to back-stab the hard-working non-Cult neighbour born in the same family, let alone the same country. This divides the vaccines into placebo-takers or Cult minion of the hivemind opposed to the poison jabbed who are the back-stabbed with the Freemasonic slow-dagger or secret-dagger.

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E P I C !
I'm speechless.

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Warren West
Warren West 4 days ago

Thank you David, for a uplifting show and as always the truth.

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