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TASA - Mar 28, 2022 - Full Webinar - Justice Anna Von Reitz

Published on 29 Mar 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism


If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

Are you really required to file a 1040 income tax form with the IRS?

Are you really required to obey draconian codes and statutes issued by the so called "federal government"?

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00:16:25 min Free energy
Everyone agrees (except possibly energy companies) that it would be wonderful if we could have a free energy home unit. It has a drastic effect on the oil industry. We will find other uses for oil, home building products as a fundamental feed-stock, and will eliminate the problem of wood-boring insects, in the southern states; and will give the oil industry a whole new focus, and allows our forests to grow and clean the air.
We will continue to use petro-dollar (we have been using Internationally since 1971) to help with the free energy transition. We have domestic and international money; for International trade we always had to have something backing the currency, and it was petrol, after we came off the silver standard.
[...counterfeit currency from Thailand, needs to be repatriated...]

1:07:00 min - Rigged Election
Donald Trump (DJT) was cheated out of the election, but they knew that it would happen going in, and instead of stopping it and saying it was rigged- they used the same process themselves so they couldn't come out and say anything about it later.

1:09:30 min - NESARA
Everyone is sitting around..."Oh the Great Reset, oh we're going to become billionaires..."
I've been hearing about NESARA for about 30-year, since the 1980s.
Even if DJT came back with all the election proof with the military and white hats, what they are calling for is occupying the Federal Republic, and you can't do order to occupy the Federal Republic you have to restore the Federation of States, and if you don't do it the right way all it's only a British substitution where they substitute their personnel for our personnel and their "Federal Republic" for our Federal Republic. We can't allow this, because it doesn't work and it's illegal, unlawful, immoral, and it is against are treaties with Great Britain.

1:15:30 min - DJT President
DJT is a great business man, but guess what...he's President of a foreign corporation, a foreign bankrupt corporation in receivership to guess who? Us!

1:20:00 min
"...Corporations that have been chartered in our names are forfeit and any debts they owe are owned by the Crown, So, just this past week we nationalized them, and took their currency."

1:24:00 min - Financial system
We are in control of the financial system; we have control of the gold, silver and land. All the fiat currency, Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) is being confiscated, and the appropriate people have been notified. All FRN printing has been stopped- it's illegal.
Offering 20% finders fee for counterfeit FRNs

1:30:00 min - Defense spending
Defense spending will only be for this Country, it is not meant to be for defense of our Allies, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, or Canada.

1:31:45 min - Banking / Cryptocurrency
We're looking at having 3 new currency issues: American silver certificates, American gold certificates, and petrodollar.
Union gold certificates ("unidollar") has nothing to do with any cryptocurrency.
We not going to a cashless society, we are going to have more cash options, including coinage and cash in your hands. Unless you have something in your hands, it can be 'turned off.'

If it's not something Karatbars, with embedded gold, then where is

1:39:00 min - "Sovereign Citizen"
Sovereign citizen, it's an oximoron : you can not be citizen and be sovereign at the same time, and anyone who uses that terminology just shows how ignorant they are.

Book/articles coming: Nanny State vs the Granny State
It all starts with you, and all ends with you...
You can stop waiting right now for DJT, NESARA/GESARA, and kind of "Great" reset. It's your world!

1:50:00 min - Vendor Cards
"We now have liquidity at the large scale of the banks, and this as of this week we will have liquidity at the small scale of the banks. I have been assured this is true, by the various officials that are in-charge of making this happen. We have to realize this hasn't been done for over 100-years."
Liquidity in unincorporated (big or small) business accounts should be available this week, and hopefully next week for individual level accounts. This coming week we will also be discussing the Vendor Cards.

2:10:00 min - Politician slush funds
...We've come a long way, there are immense slush funds that the politicians have developed for their own use...but they've been taken over by the actual American Government. What do we do with these slush funds? (we could create hyperinflation)...we take all slush funds and this income rolling off those huge slush funds to pay for and expand all the government services we need.
...No taxes: No income tax, no cigarette tax, no sales tax; as they are illegal; we don't have to think about ever paying taxes again...

This is a grass-roots operations...donations are still being accepted.

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American Renegade
American Renegade 2 years ago

This was an awesome webinar. I love when Anna goes off on her rants!

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lalabewa 2 years ago

Bigger Platform Anna... get in touch with Steve Bannon... War Room... then You can make a Difference... instead of hollowing in the wind... Thanks & Blessings!!!

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