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TASA - April 04, 2022 - Full Webinar - Justice Anna Von Reitz

Published on 05 Apr 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism


If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

Are you really required to file a 1040 income tax form with the IRS?

Are you really required to obey draconian codes and statutes issued by the so called "federal government"?

For more:

00:39:20 min
The world has changed. We had to nationalize all the Corporations that were created under our names.

00:42:25 min - Ukraine backstory/update
...Illegal bio-weapon facilities were setup using millions of dollars, after install a 'puppet' government. Russian have been friends of the Americans throughout our history (we have had an alliance with Russia since 1858). MSM is publishing fake news stories about the Ukraine. China, Russia and us, the real United States, know who the real criminals are.

01:09:00 min - The Military
The Military has not done it's job for over 150-years, and have colluded with the British government (names, named). It's time to pink slips to be sent out. There are a lot of dirty Admirables and Generals.

01:15:00 min - going after the Principals
...The Corporate veil has been pierced, and has been blown wide open by the fraud that has practiced against us. These Corporations are bankrupt, which is true, but the Principals are not; we're going after the the Principals, we're going after the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor because they are the ones ultimately responsible for these organization that they have chartered and misdirected and run into ruin, and allowed to operate as bankrupted entities, and they are not by any means broke. They been running all specialty corporations to protect themselves; so those corporations are now being bankrupted and placed into receivership. So all this corruption and criminality is coming to an end, and it is finally being addressed.

01:18:00 min - (for Maryland ANs)
The only part of Washington D.C. that is still under their occupation was provided by the State of Maryland.
...I believe that Virginia took back the land mass under Washington D.C., because Washington D.C. was no longer operating under their usage permit.

01:24:00 min - warrants
There are no valid warrants around, the only valid warrants that can be issued are by our government. "Warrants" are really are impound orders issued by a British shipping clerk (in the British merchant marine) to redirect cargo [1801].

01:26:50 min - Banking Update VERY IMPORTANT
The banks are liquid at the higher realm. Other Countries got in line to get their vendor cards before we did. In the mean time we figured out a way of launching our own App (like a cash app). I'm looking for ALL Sign-in America (SIA) coordinators to send in just the sum total (as of April 1st), for the whole State, of all claims that need to be paid off in the initial offset. Every State has it's account established in our blue-dot system, and as part of the initial disbursement it should be two deposits: (1) the administration of the Assembly function (2) paying of the SIA program debts. It's is our expectation that the SIA coordinator will approve the payment, the Treasurer writes the check, and the Secretary of the Assembly gets to send them out. The Coordinator or Treasurer are also acceptable alternates for the Secretary of the Assembly for disbursements.

01:39:20 min - Important Vendor Cards
What's our status on the vendor card? We are #3 in line, and they're currently working on fulfilling orders for #2 in line (we're next)...We just crossed the 7,000 mark of people successfully taking the Sign-in America training class...Only people who are verified Americans claiming their birthright status will qualify for the remedy and relief that we can offer. "You're an's your prepaid credit. " NEXT MONDAY 4/11 for the demonstration of the vendor card with Harold, or one of the bankers. Federation has our class in that (getting trained by the bankers) is this week). You'll be able to have an account and also use a SmartPhone App. People starting out will want the blue dot bank account to access their prepaid credit, and they'll to be able to translate that to cash in their bank account.

01:47:06 min - VERY IMPORTANT a State Assemblies [credit union] bank account
Do the Assemblies still need to open a State of State Assembly account? Probably NOT.

01:50:10 min - Smart Card
Anyone who is a member of an Assembly will be able to signup to get an account, and those who has taken the SIA roster will be first in line to get their Smart Card (monthly debits). Our banker is here for a 1-1/2 weeks and by this time next week we'll have a very good idea on how on how our banks
FRNs can be exchanged for Silver certificates. Prepaid credit is separate from coinage...and you will have a fairly huge amount of prepaid credit which can be used to pay your medical, education, etc. bills and you'll have the option of spending your prepaid credit. Everyone in this Country has an inheritance, that you didn't realize you had.**

02:09:00 min - Taxes
You won't have to be paying taxes, or worrying about taxes and keep records, and being regulated.

Donations are still being accepted, although hopefully they won't be required next week.

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shurtle 12 months ago

Hello, so happy I found this channel. I ask a question if anyone has time to answer me. Locally there is a Common Law group that to me seems unstable and unconnected to any other group, although they talk about a New Mexico group and a Texas group that has established an Grand Jury in it. Can you tell me if this group is affiliated to you? There are about 6 members of my church attending zoom meetings and they are excited because they like the prayers there. When I ask questions regarding how they establish being a States National there are confusing answers. Do you know who these people are?

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O'Believers | Exposing the Fraud and Bringing Forth The Remedy

Never heard of them before. What you see under is what we follow as American State Nationals.

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elainee 12 months ago

We don't any gold or oil or ANYTHING until it's in "our" possession! Anna needs to quit trusting the criminals!

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