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Surviving During The Great Tribulation

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 03 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

Christians must be prepared to face the Antichrist system because Jesus laid out a scenario of what would happen in the end times. There would be deception, wars and rumors of wars, Christians would be hated, arrested and executed; Christians would also be offended and betray each other, false prophets would preach a false gospel and love would grow cold among the believers in Christ.

The only positive note was that the Gospel would be preached in every nation on the earth. The general belief during the first years of the Apostolic Church was that Jesus would come back in their lifetime, but that was 1,900 years ago and now we find everything happening just as Jesus said. So how are we supposed to deal with it?

Jesus never promised to spare us from persecution or execution but He did say that He would never leave or forsake us; now is the time to build your faith and learn to trust God that He will supernaturally take care of you when the Great Tribulation begins.

Sermon Outline:
RLJ-1266 -- NOVEMBER 28, 2010
Facing the Antichrist Part 4: Surviving During The Great Tribulation

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