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Super Glue and Baking soda Solutions to a 3rd-World North America

JamesRoss - 253 Views
Published on 26 Feb 2023 / In How-to and Style

When finding that replacement part become very difficult... This is already happening around the world.
The Freemasonic-Luciferian plan is to make North America into a 3rd-World continent and then rise New Atlantis out of the ashes:
It still seem far fetched, but the sheople are slowly awakening to the treachery of those secret-societies that swear to serve the ancient devils, Homo capensis. Hard to believe, isn't it, but you will either wake-up to reality or die ignorant. I hope for the former probability. Western society is designed by Freemasons to collapse if the sheople can't awaken to their treachery.


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