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Star Fort Theory

spirit warrior of the mist man
Published on 27 Mar 2023 / In Science

This is an all encompassing history documentary on theory about star forts. In the Alternative history and old world history community there are many theories involving star fort buildings, the lost Tartarian empire, the mudflood, missing time, old world architecture, and ancient advanced technology. In this video on star fort theory we take a look at the different ideas around these old world buildings all the way back from the time of Atlantis to the modern day. Native Americans and indigenous people around the world have stories of these ancient civilizations and the advanced technology they possessed. The island of Atlantis was an advanced ancient civilization and they passed their knowledge down, after the great flood and sinking of Atlantis, to the various cradles of civilization. The Tartaria theory gets into lost civilizations and forgotten advanced ancient peoples. These star forts were a technology possibly having to do with cymatics, sound frequency technology, and ancient electricity. We'll get more into the Tartaria theory in future videos but this is a good intro to their story, their old world architecture, and the star fort buildings.


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