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Eastern Star, Rainbow Girls, Jobs Daughters Are Master Mason Progeny

JamesRoss - 226 Views
Published on 09 Apr 2024 / In Kids

Notice that a master-mason has moved beyond the oblivious "Blue Lodge" masons... they participate in the direct undermining of Western Civilization to rise a NWO of Lucifer-Ai worshiping brainchip-hivemind techno-thUgs. They are at the crux of the genocide of Homo sapiens. These thUgs have not figured-out that their soul-fragments are decaying and shrinking with wickedness and murderous-intentions. You see, physical reality is a spiritual-playground for showing one's true colors. Our Creator-God provides a multidimensional experience for the multidimensional soul.
All souls have free-will to become grow or shrivel into their chosen true-self and that is what this framework of physical reality is providing.
A jobs daughter recruit has the free-will to reject the "kill kill kill" that is brainwashed into her head. You see, by the time a recruit is all grown up... if she chose to develop the wickedness to genocide the sheeple, then that is the true colors of her chosen development of her soul-fragment.

The Creator-God provides everything, so even the ancient devils are pathetic spiritual morons who guide and manipulate their minions to become wicked just like Homo capensis, failing(haa, falling, not fallen yet) soul-fragments.
But what we are experiencing is one of the few probable-worlds where the wicked devils might "save" their own failing soul-fragments from oblivion. But as you can see, they are set upon guiding their minions to destroy Homo sapiens as their second-chance. Yes, the Creator-God has given the failing devils, Homo capensis, a second chance to become worthy souls. It really looks like it will be two-times a failure. They are just too self-righteous to even think properly anymore.

The lifelong brainwashing where girls are taught to be deceptive and convincing liars to non-cUlt people.

The need to hide behind and join some church.

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