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🇱🇰 SRI LANKA - NATIONAL FUEL PASS (QR Code or no Fuel for you)

JamesRoss - 519 Views
Published on 20 Jul 2022 / In How-to and Style

The Sri Lankan's have been tricked by a fake uprising to bring-in "The Mark of the devils." And instead of replacing the corruption within government they walk the stepping-stone path towards brainchip-enslavement.

If you want to buy fuel, you must, MUST, have their assigned, NWO, mark in your pocket.
When the NWO makes computer-brainchip-interfaces mandatory to purchase fuel, those people will be turned into instant spies for the NWO to monitor thoughts and remote-control the brainchip-assassins.

The Sri Lanka rebellion taking over the presidential palace was just stupidity or it was a set-up to bring in the QR-code stepping-stone toward mandatory brainchips.

Elon Musk is a Freeemasonic front-man faker with his fake "Neuralink" putting a few wires onto the surface of the brain. All the brain's neurons need to be accessible.

Polina Anikeeva show you the true brainchip that has been in use for decades because it can contact all the neurons within the brain without wires... it is magnetic.
The human flesh is non-reactive to magnetic nano-pulse canons that inject communication directly into the brain.

In order for the magnetic brainchip interfaces to inject communications, Polina exposes the need to ingest magnetic nano-particles, "like drinking a NWO expresso"

This is why processed food companies are owned or infiltrated by Luciferians serving the NWO. They provide the targeted individuals with enough magnetic nano-particles within the processed foods/drinks to allow skin, muscles, bones to feel the magnetic beams and aluminum foil does not stop the magnetic beams.

The microwave control grid communicates the interface to all the NWO nano-tech and IOT.
The magnetic nano-particles allows the brainchips to control the human body like a robot.

This is where the NWO Luciferians want everyone brainchipped so that they can take control of the manchurian candidates body even if their minds say "no."

Since very few people have been able to figure this out... The Freemasons attack the people who are resistant to the NWO to keep them on the defensive.

If you want to stop the NWO, kick the NWO out of changing the laws within your country.
Remove the microwave communications from the secret nano-tech IOT which is used to remote-control humans like Jeff Rense in 2015:
Yes, a covert brainchip was used to conduct a NWO hit-job upon Rense, but surprisingly he survived to help you understand what it is like to be remote-controlled by a brainchip into a bio-robot.

The brainchips also induces insomnia so hypnotic trances are used along with bio-roboting.
Vincent Li was bio-roboted as well as placed into a hypnotic trance that his life was in danger.

The QR-code is a steping stone towards mass-brainchipping of the non-Cult-sworn people.

All the Cult-sworn Luciferians are already brainchipped calling themselves Human2.0... but they have souled-out their own genetics because their is no A.i. supercomputer mind-upload and thus no travelling to the stars forever like the devils promised their naive minions as a reward for obeying orders and servitude.

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JamesRoss 4 months ago


You will need to vpn into Sri Lanka in order to view this website.
This is the reason for devastating the economy of Sri Lankans... to bring in stricter draconian measures.
Likely another fake uprising when the minister who was on his knees is now dictating the QR-codes. It is a show...

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