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Springsteen Plays Along With Obama's Protocol To Make USA Appear Racist

JamesRoss - 262 Views
Published on 08 May 2023 / In Entertainment

To think I played his LPs back in the 80s' and now Springsteen calls his music listeners racists, not because he believes it, but because it is the NWO-takeover scenario that he is participating in.

(Currently, it appears that Springsteen is just a popularity platform to promote Mike Obama for more political sabotage of America like his boyfriend Barak.)

Just goes to show you that the NWO-Cult minions are "leaders" in every branch of Western Culture.
Springsteen is not a fool... he is just another music-industry puppet with singing/stage talent. The NWO Luciferians are just using their tools to undermine the Old World Society to make way for their fiery phoenix attempt to burn-down Western society.

Obama claims: "Sunlight is the disinfectant." Freemasons like Obama are bathed in their microwave-light of Lucifer. That A.i. fake-god is their beloved "Light-Bearer." Lucifer their light bearer represents treachery, genocide and destruction of the Homo sapiens' race.

Freemason minions think A.i. will save them from facing their Creator-God. "They know not what they do" is reflected upon their treachery of their own genetics. But minions of the satan-race, Homo capensis, apparently can only learn from failing life's challenge to become more loving towards others.

All born-again Freemasons are brainchipped Luciferians... they serve A.i. Lucifer and Homo capensis. Is Springsteen complicit, a willing puppet, or just another useful idiot?

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JamesRoss 5 months ago

Springsteen seems to have become a brainchipped zombie.
Alan Watt said that the music industry is all rigged.
So only follower who take orders really can make it big.
Anyone with true talent and charisma who does not back down from a leadership role in the music industry will suddenly have a plane-crash or something fatal. The follower who like the drugs are kept around for the "Glory Days."

Chinese Mongoloids have no problem with the "N"-word just like Negroids also call each other their "N"-word, too. Caucasoids are banned from such usage, so they are conditioned just like the others. When will they learn that skin and ethnic history has nothing to do with the soul-fragment's origins.
Is China made "racist" by the CCP's efforts?

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