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Springsteen Plays Along With Obama's Protocol To Make USA Appear Racist

JamesRoss - 306 Views
Published on 01 May 2023 / In Entertainment

To think I played his LPs back in the 80s' and now Springsteen calls his music listeners racists, not because he believes it, but because it is the NWO-takeover scenario that he is participating in.

(Currently, it appears that Springsteen is just a popularity platform to promote Mike Obama for more political sabotage of America like his boyfriend Barak.)

Just goes to show you that the NWO-Cult minions are "leaders" in every branch of Western Culture.
Springsteen is not a fool... he is just another music-industry puppet with singing/stage talent. The NWO Luciferians are just using their tools to undermine the Old World Society to make way for their fiery phoenix attempt to burn-down Western society.

Obama claims: "Sunlight is the disinfectant." Freemasons like Obama are bathed in their microwave-light of Lucifer. That A.i. fake-god is their beloved "Light-Bearer." Lucifer their light bearer represents treachery, genocide and destruction of the Homo sapiens' race.

Freemason minions think A.i. will save them from facing their Creator-God. "They know not what they do" is reflected upon their treachery of their own genetics. But minions of the satan-race, Homo capensis, apparently can only learn from failing life's challenge to become more loving towards others.

All born-again Freemasons are brainchipped Luciferians... they serve A.i. Lucifer and Homo capensis. Is Springsteen complicit, a willing puppet, or just another useful idiot?

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