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Some facts about the "covid-19 vaccine".mp4

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Published on 18 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

Some facts about the "covid-19 vaccine"

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Lkysht 20 days ago

These vaccines are not here to cure you. It's to kill you! Wake up people! Save your self. Stay far away from these deadly vaccines!!

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TwoFeather 20 days ago

Not only that, the covid-19 virus was NEVER (Isolated). So Every Test and Every Vaccine (Will Not Work). You can not create something to destroy (ONE) thing without Isolating it first from every thing else around it. Take a grain of Sand, it may have 100 different thing in it to make it One Grain of Sand. If you do not (Identify) each of those 100 things then you can't reproduce that One Grain of Sand. Just imagine how many different things that are in the Human Body that they did (NOT) Isolate from the so called covid-19 virus.

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