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💊So Intricate So Inconceivably Complex R The Processes Of Nature & Mastering Our Material World❗️ ❗️

michael davino
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Published on 30 Nov 2020 / In Film and Animation

Be a good person and wear a mask!! (Funniest troll video ever burn the mask 2 ash)

Interview with Ryan, of Our Cloaked Unseen World. Imagination is Everything!

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(Not very active but plenty of amazing quotes, memes, research & all 15 links 2 John Q patents)

Starts off with a couple of Nikola Tesla Quotes relevant to what I show you during the Video. Try to watch for at least 5-7 min, that's when it really starts getting good. The end is a very amazing video footage as well. When I was reading through the Patents of Nikola Tesla, I noticed that they put so much garbage information spread throughout all his patents. The first time I read the first 1 I could not finish it because I did not think there was much of anything there, so I stopped. 3 days later, this was last October, I decided to read some more. 3rd patent, I got to the image blew me away. It looked Identical to an image I had just obtained off one of my Videos, so I dug deep read further. Spent countless hours reading thru all the Patents, well most of them. After getting done, I realized they were all pieces to a system. So intricate, so inconceivably complex, so I dug deeper, and came across the Voynich Manuscripts. What I found on 1 page thereof blew me away. I found a Patent Image of Nikola Tesla & John Q both each had 1 on the Same Page. I posted that quadfecta of confirmation on my Twitter.

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