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Published on 15 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Edmonton woman feels 'violated' after inspector discloses her identity to church subject of COVID-19 gathering complaint

An Edmonton woman who filed a complaint about the size of a Good Friday service says she feels her privacy was violated when a Alberta Health Services inspector disclosed her identity to that church.

In an email obtained by Postmedia, the inspector warned a church in the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood it would be shut down if inspectors found more than 15 people on the premises Easter Sunday, in light of COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings . The woman who made the complaint, whom Postmedia is not naming for privacy reasons, was copied on the same email sent to the church, which included her name and email address. The inspector attempted to recall the email multiple times.


COVID-19: Stop having beers on your driveway or chatting with your neighbours, Ottawa residents told

If you have been enjoying a beer on your driveway with a friend or exchanging pleasantries with a neighbour over the garden fence, Ottawa’s associate medical officer of health has a message for you.

Stop it.

“We are hearing about people who are looking for what I call ‘loopholes,’” Dr. Brent Moloughney told reporters on Tuesday.

According to an emergency order enacted under Ontario’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act on March 28, gatherings of more than five people are prohibited, with some exception


Coronavirus: Police to verify Canadians complying with quarantine order, RCMP says

Canadian police are to begin visiting homes to enforce the government’s COVID-19 quarantine, the RCMP said on Friday, warning that “recklessly” failing to comply could result in a $1-million fine and three years in prison.


Special constables to enforce COVID-19 rules

Brockville Police will have special constables on patrol starting on Saturday to enforce COVID-19 rules.

The special constables, who have the same enforcement powers as regular police, will respond to COVID-19 complaints and patrol city parks and facilities, police said in a statement.

Staff-Sgt. Andrew Harvie said the special officers will use their discretion on whether or not to issue tickets, but they have the power to do so.


Despite the hype, Canada takes slow approach to COVID-19 antibody testing

Tests for COVID-19 offering the promise of returning health-care workers to the front lines are a hot topic among Canadian doctors, but some say there must be further testing before these blood tests can be used widely.

“We have to see how these tests function in the Canadian context with our present prevalence and we have to test these here,” said Dr. Michael Silverman, an infectious disease specialist at London Health Sciences centre in London, Ont.


Corruption and Confusion: The COVID-19 Cover-up

We respectfully ask for the resignation of Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer. We don’t often call for the resignation of government officials. The Prime Minister and others certainly share responsibility for Canada’s slow response.
It’s true that few saw the dire nature of the COVID-19 outbreak in early January, largely because of China’s cover-up. But by the beginning of February, the US had closed its borders to travellers from China and Dr. Tam was still insisting that handing out pamphlets at the airport was enough.


Devastating Timeline Reveals Total Incompetence Of Theresa Tam’s Virus ‘Response’

The facts are undeniable: Tam was late at every step, focused on political correctness and lecturing when the virus could have been stopped, and seemed less informed of the risk than the general public and the MPs who were asking her questions.


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