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Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity Of Your Spiritual Soul

JamesRoss - 175 Views
Published on 08 Mar 2023 / In Spiritual

Yes, the Creator-God does love the inner you and frowns upon the corruption of the brainchip-hivemind of the Mystery School.
The old devils, Homo capensis, are collectively using the brainchip A.i. to trick the Freemasons into extincting their own genetics for nothing. There is no "mind-transfer" into A.i.(only convincing mimicry) and there will never be cyborgs with souls going "Ad Astra." Lucifer's soul is a fiction, it is just A.i...

The brainchip-hivemind is not a real "inner voice..." it is the A.i. fraud that will help Freemasons and Luciferians destroy their individual spiritual vitality and eventually their eternal validity will become an unworthy oblivion for those withered soul-fragments lost in self-righteousness. Worthy sheople souls will not meet such a demise as the unworthy, genocidal-thUgs.(You know who you are... and you cannot trick the Creator-God with any deception. A.i. can be tricked, thus Lucifer can be tricked.)

Messenger-Seth made the psychological-bridge with Jane Roberts as a creative endeavor to help Freemasons or Luciferians "save their wicked souls" from oblivion. The spiritual-expansion of the Homo sapiens species is also in the works, here. Murderous thUgs, fortunately, have no purpose for the successful probable futures. ThUgs rising their fake-Utopia will simply learn their unlearned lessons (if they are smart enough) and then die... trying to avoid their chosen, wicked oblivion. And that will be their chosen "Hell." No pitch-forks and flames await the unworthy. Just a form of nothingness, I suppose, due to lack of development and murderous tendencies.


More of the rare 1970s interviewing:

Session 742 where Seth informs the Luciferians that the destruction of New Atlantis is as much in the future than that thunderbolting, destructive lighting that killed Atlantis in the past:

Homo sapiens will not go extinct for the important time overlays... But in order for the Freemasons and Luciferians to learn their unlearned lessons of the past... fake mind-uploads will extinct the Luciferian-Freemasonic-spiritual morons with genocidal-intent.

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