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Secret Conference FBI DOJ CISA EAC, Jon Voight Says Impeach, The "Liberal World Order"

Published on 01 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

PJ Media has released a report alleging government collusion with groups like the DOJ, CISA, The EAC and others in contact with people and groups fueled by progressive donations related to U.S. elections. Some of these groups are CTCL, The Elections Group and Brennan Center to name a few. Also individuals working for Maricopa county etc. Why are so many different groups seeming to work together who shouldn't be? Actor Jon Voight calls for the Impeachment of Joe Biden. A poll taken shows a quarter of Americans are ready to take up arms against their own government. Biden calls for filibuster exception to codify abortion rights, runs into trouble with Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema. Brazil loosens gun laws, murder drops to a 14 year low. Bill gates wins legal approval on his 2,000 acre land purchase in North Dakota. He alleges the land will be leased to farmers. DOJ instructs VA to suspend all benefits of January 6th protester imprisoned in D.C. jail. CNN interviews White House's Brian Deese on gas prices. He references the liberal world order in his full comment: "This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm". Missouri Governor Parsons signs bill HB 1878 which bans drop boxes and requires voter id to vote. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. elected president of Philippines. BIS to allow member banks to hold 1 percent of their reserves in Bitcoin. Blake Masters hold double digit lead over Brnovich in AZ Senate primary race. Stock market tanks with worst first half year since 1970. More news.


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