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Save The World Attempt... They havent Even Figured out CDC Has Not Found Any Virus

JamesRoss - 162 Views
Published on 20 Jan 2022 / In People and Blogs

CDC Official Isolation Record:
Let alone that Freemasons are murderous, genocidal thUgs conducting Agenda2020 which is WWIII and Covid is the first assault upon the sheeple and non-Cult people... This is a waste of time to watch since all three are out of touch of the Mystery School Cult minions in a murderous brainchip-hivemind to tear-down the old world with the death of the sheeple and the rise of the thUgtopia... a fake-Utopia for murderous thugs. The great teaching of the Second-Coming is on the way, but you need to first identify the why there is a need for one and begin fixing the corruption. Fixing the corruption is not the responsibility of the Second-Coming, That is the responsibility of those awakened and to care enough for the sheeple to help awaken them, too. Do you see the Covid is a divide and conquer tactic.

All Cult thUgs never get the clot-shot.

White House is preparing for Military protection because now the machine-guns and outright tyranny by the decendants of NAZIs are going to hit the streets... are going to hit every community with sleeper bio-robots... Did you buy a few scanners yet? Even your toddler can be a sleeper bio-robot:

buy a scanner

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