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Save America Stop With SMS

Sean Gugerty
Sean Gugerty - 389 Views
Published on 13 Dec 2020 / In News and Politics

Save the world share with SMS this virus is fake they are trying to kill you! Covid 19 is fake!

This isn't politics you mother fuckers! This is Genocide! Get your weapons! Gather in groups! Save the country! Bring the troops home to mom and pop with weapons we stand united!

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The White Shadow
The White Shadow 3 months ago

This is a great compilation of people speaking out to tell the truth many of us are seeing all around. The death toll does not add up to a pandemic. The PCR test is ineffective at detecting the so-called virus. The CDC had an article from July stating they did NOT have enough quantifiable sample of a CV19 virus to say it could be detected properly by any testing. We were given a sample genetic code from China to determine if a person had this virus. China would have no better scheme to destroy the US as well as its allies and we are seeing the influence they have had in our political systems, from the federal, state and local governing powers. I cannot live this lie anymore. We are seeing friends and family pushed to the brink of insanity; elderly parents are dying alone; young people are killing themselves. Yet the elite travel, dine and flaunt themselves as invincible.
Send this video to anyone and everyone you can. The sterilizing effects are real. The changes to genetic information is real. The vaccine will kill you slowly and destroy the people who are blinded and scared. Help them overcome fear with truth. God help us all!

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