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Saint George the Dragon Slayer and Patron Saint of Knights Templars in ancient French Templar town

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Published on 28 Sep 2022 / In Film and Animation

Pfaffenheim the Templar Town: Pfaffe or Pfarrer is German for Priest of the Order, and Heim means home, so Pfaffenheim means Home of the Priests of the Order, and we their feudal slaves of the Masters are being referred to as The Dragons, while our Pharaonic Masters slay us by the Millions in war after war after war in order to keep us down, to control us and to stop our development; Dragons spit fire, and our Masters are cold as ice. Therefore the Masters of this world fear hothearted warriors with fiery spirits, who litereally spit fire; it's therefore the element fire and our Inner Dragons, that can consume these coldhearted creatures ruling over us. . . . . . but only if we understand the essence of things, which I'm trying to teach you here.

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