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RUSSIA WILL COME TO AMERICA (The Warning that makes Sense)

JamesRoss - 156 Views
Published on 21 Mar 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

This is another Luciferian (heads-up warning) plot and agenda for 2030 NWO devastation of Western Civilization
There are over 200 DUMBs under the USA where the Freemasons and Luciferians will help devastate a Cult-organized NWO takeover of America

Justin Trudeau/Castro is a Freemasonic-Traitors to the Canadian people.
Freemasons would go along with such an invasion at the drop of a hat. They are brainwashed traitors who serve the ancient Devils, Homo capensis.

The USA non-Cult people best begin to realize that the Freemasons who have always ruled the USA and Canada are not loyal to the legal-fiction people or strawman citizens.
Freemasons are internationalists and on April 1st, 2020, the Freemasonic Trump bowed down to the A.i. supercomputer international takeover of the USA and the rest of the world.

This brainchip-puppet prophet is warning the non-Cult-sworn people that the war in Ukraine is a set-up to start a war inside the USA Where Trudeau will open the doorway like the Freemasonic traitor that he is.

The voice weapon instructing this woman's beliefs is the same instructing the Freemasonic-traitors to humanity. You need to realize that Homo capensis is directing the systematic destruction of the Old World to make way for the New World Order using A.i. and the Tower-Of-Babel(TOB)

Wow... she started this by saying "YES" to her brainchip-commands, I bet... Homo capensis has her in totally puppetry... the brainchip is this effective in mind-control.
She wears the scarf on her head to show she is the mouthpiece for Homo capensis the ancient devils.

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