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Riddle of the Crop Circles Solved... They are Brainchipped-Hivemind Minions Producing Digital Artwork upon Accessible Crops to Confuse the "Profane" Using A.I. Guidance.

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Published on 23 Jul 2021 / In Technology


Chris Dunn: "The Giza Power Plant"
The reason why the Giza Pyramid is on the USA one dollar debt-note is because it was one of the ancient Towers-Of-Babel
The power of the Tower-Of-Babel is that it connects to the brainchipped population via microwave "Light". I saw on a masonic tomestone "May he always be in the Light." They call this The Light of Lucifer, btw, and that they "feel the fire within". "Pyra-mid" translates to "fire in the middle."
These brainchipped initiates are brainwashed that they have become Human2.0 and they are more evolved as the A.I. in their heads command them as to what they must do... they think they serve some fake-god called "Lucifer", when it is only a computer that they serve, that has tricked them.

These crop circle makers think that they are displaying their new powers as they bamboozle the masses of unsworn infidels. The initiates have all turned into murderous pawns of ancient technology that they hide from the unsworn.

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