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Rewriting History - Banning China From Buying Land

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Published on 19 May 2023 / In News and Politics

How Liberals Rewrite Their Own History

Ian Dunt's new book 'How to Be a Liberal' is part of a broader intellectual exercise to drape liberal history in comforting myths – ones which conceal its role in abetting imperialism, slavery and fascism.

Why some Egyptians are fuming over Netflix's Black Cleopatra Cairo —

As soon as Netflix dropped the trailer for its upcoming "docudrama" about ancient Egypt's Queen Cleopatra, drama started bubbling up online. The preview quickly drew criticism. Some Egyptians complained that the feature was appropriating their culture and rewriting their history, primarily because Cleopatra is portrayed by a Black woman in the film.

Rewriting American History to Please Blacks

Disney Plus will soon host Hamilton on its streaming platform. Hamilton is a hip-hop musical in which the Founding Fathers are black. King George III — obviously a villain — is the only white character. “Our cast looks like America looks now, and that’s certainly intentional,” composer Lin-Manuel Miranda told the New York Times in 2015. He said in another 2015 interview: “We’re telling the story of old, dead white men but we’re using actors of color, and that makes the story more immediate and more accessible to a contemporary audience.”

Grocery rebate rollout:

Here’s who will get the one-time payment and when Canadians will receive the one-time grocery rebate as early as July 5, the federal government said Thursday.

In a statement, the government said the grocery rebate will be delivered to eligible Canadians on that date, by direct deposit or cheque through the Canada Revenue Agency.

The rebate will be up to $467 for eligible couples with two children, $234 for single Canadians without children, and $225 for seniors, on average.

Trudeau Sends Billions in Foreign Aid To IMF, World Bank, African Development Bank

In 2020, the Trudeau government increased Canada’s official foreign development assistance by 7.7 per cent over the previous year. The recent 2021 federal budget announced an additional $1.4 billion for international assistance over the next five years.

Canada’s Foreign Aid commitments include $288 million to the Rohingya Crisis, as well as $80 million to the Venezuelan Crisis.

Ron DeSantis is banning Chinese citizens from buying land in Florida, accusing China of taking up swathes of farmland: 'We don't want the CCP in the Sunshine State'

Convicted murderer who escaped jail now Canada's most wanted fugitive

A man found guilty of orchestrating the fatal shooting of a Toronto man outside a Little Italy cafe in 2012 is currently the most wanted fugitive in Canada, and there’s a significant award for his arrest.

Rabih Alkhalil tops the Bolo (Be On The Lookout) Program’s updated 25 most wanted fugitives list, revealed Tuesday afternoon at British Columbia RCMP Headquarters.

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gang 4 months ago

clinton sea org policy criminalizing america for saving gestapo and buckingham

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gang 4 months ago

fbi is bribed through buffett and gates 50 billion $ fraudulent donations for covering sea org robbing america
whitening retro commission at clinton foundation, nbc, facebook, google ...

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