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Retired General EXPOSES Ukraine Money Laundering Scheme

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 17 Feb 2024 / In News and Politics

Follow General Flynn: + Stephen Gardner and Retired US General Michael Flynn discuss Obama, Biden, war, government corruption and more.

- **Deep State and Democrat Efforts Against Trump**:
- General Flynn expresses concern over various methods employed by the Deep State and Democrats to undermine Trump's presidency and potential reelection.
- **Comparison between Biden Then and Now**:
- General Flynn discusses differences in Biden's demeanor and capabilities from his tenure as Vice President to his current role as President, highlighting concerns about his mental acuity.
- **Critique of $60 Billion Funding Bill**:
- General Flynn voices skepticism about a $60 billion funding bill lacking government oversight, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in financial allocations.
- **Concerns Over Military Funding Bill**:
- General Flynn addresses concerns raised by JD Vance regarding a military funding bill for Israel and Ukraine, suggesting it may contain provisions with potential repercussions for Trump's reelection.
- **UNRWA and Funding of Palestinian Refugees**:
- General Flynn sheds light on UNRWA (United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees) and its implications, echoing General Spalding's assertion that U.S. taxpayers might inadvertently fund organizations with terrorist ties.
- ** Promotion**:
- General Flynn introduces his new movie available at, inviting viewers to explore its content and themes.

These points encapsulate the key discussions and topics covered in the interview with General Michael Flynn, including political dynamics, financial oversight, geopolitical concerns, and promotional endeavors.

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