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FTX/Ukraine Money Laundering, 9/11 Presidential Interview Deep Dig, AZ Ballot Size Changed

Published on 14 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

The FTX Ceo is now under a criminal probe by the Bahamian authorities. It is now appearing that FTX was used to money launder U.S. funds sent to Ukraine under the guise of military and humanitarian assistance. There is allegedly a trail that leads from Ukraine to FTX to certain democratic politicians and causes. Was FTX used to money launder United States funds unbeknownst to the American People? It's beginning to appear that way. How many other funds are doing the same? Benjamin Fulford alleges that the Octagon Group based out of Zug Switzerland and the Khazarian Mafia are suing for peace. Is Germany leaving the Khazarian Mafia matrix to join Russia, China and the rest of the world to move forward? Is the dream of the deep state's new world order slowly dying? It appears so. Arizona still has hundreds of thousands of outstanding votes to count, why is their vote count so slow? Gateway Pundit reports that ballots in parts of Maricopa County were only 19 inches long instead of 20 inches long. Some are alleging their votes were kicked out of the machines and not counted due to the Republican ballots being too large to fit on purpose while Democratic ballots were the correct size to fit into the tabulators. Were the ballots tampered with in Maricopa county and other parts of Arizona? Why was it so hard to vote in certain Republican heavy areas? France threatens Italy over "consequences" over refusal to accept any more migrant ships. Ireland considers enacting a bill criminalizing the possession of "hateful material". It isn't cognitive dissonance its doublethink. What was the cause of Arizona's tabulation failure, why were the Republican ballot sizes changed from 19 inches to 20 inches so they wouldn't fit into the tabulator? Ron Johnson accuses Joe Biden of being highly compromised by China as Biden meets Xi for the first time in five years. Kari Lake narrows gap in Arizona Governor's race. Tesla says it will assist Chinese in investigation into fatal crash. Washoe County Nevada official explains why cameras on ballot counting went dark overnight for more than 8 hours. Why wasn't proper video surveillance equipment purchased previously? I explore the "Memorandum for The Record" A declassified interview that took place with President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in April of 2004 in the Oval Office. This document was just declassified on November the 13th, 2022, almost 18 years after it happened why did it take so long to release this document? In it, several passages caught the eye, one piece of information that came out was that on September 11th, 2001 the Secret Service had scrambled aircraft outside the control or purview of NORAD. Who ordered these planes airborne from the Secret Service and why was that order given? The document further goes on to describe the chaos that day and describes the President's inability to communicate well with VP Cheney who was in the PEOC. Why wasn't President Bush previously informed that people were in the United States attempting to learn to fly planes but not land them? Why did the FBI fail to relay this information it had up the chain of command to the President's desk? More news.


(911 Declassified Interview George W. Bush & Dick Cheney April 2004)

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