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Random Homeless Clips in Northern Cal. by HIA135 Who's Cause Is Showing Homlessness In USA

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Published on 22 Jul 2022 / In People and Blogs

This video maker wants to know if you think the homeless situation will get better or worse. Surprising for him not know what is trending if this is his hobby subject.

William Cooper's comment about his Freemasonic father attitude is key here... His dad said: "If you are not one of us,(masonic or Cult-sworn) then you are NOTHING (to us.)"

Now, I have been researching and warning my local people that political corruption is very bad through-out North America handing out CDs beginning 2002

The Mystery School Cult are all the Cult-minions working together to bring-down the USA heritage, economy, education... everything going wrong in the USA and the world is guided by a master-plan starting with Albert Pike speculating the need for three world wars to bring in the "great work" of rebuilding the Tower-Of-Babel for Homo capensis and then placing their A.i. supercomputer at the capstone of the pyramidal control-system of the NWO.

The drugs that homeless get addicted upon is also wwCult instigated and driven with their money if short of funds.

The Vatican is the root of the "Divining Serpent" towards Homo sapiens' extinction because it is run by Homo capensis, the ancient-satan-race.

Homo sapiens are a young and naive species compared to Homo capensis, the ancient-devils within the bible.
"Satan" and "the devil" are the same... the ancient species that ruled the Proto-Saturnic solar-system before the Velikovsky "Worlds in Collision".
They used to have a very powerful A.i. supercomputer running their governance and maintaining the status-quo... likely for millions or hundreds of millions of years... they hindered and impeded all other homonids from socially developing. That spells out their self-righteous greed and they have not gotten any better since the capture. Actually, they have become revengeful against Homo sapiens because Nature appears to have favoured our species by making Homo sapiens offspring to be infertile to capensis sperm. As a result, their species cannot copulate our species out of existence. Instead they used our ability to procreate to help them get through the cataclysms and then rebuild another A.i. supercomputer for them.

Cult-minions were/are tricked into believing that their souls can be traded off in a deal to become immortal as cyborgs if they all agree to go Ad Astra. But you see, if you deal with the devils then they will trick you if they can. They tricked the idiot sheepdogs to believe in soul-transfer... which is impossible since the soul is spiritual and if the body dies then the soul goes to the "midplanes". Hateful and self-righteously greedy souls cannot survive in deeper spiritual realms so they all get boxed up and contained for their own safety. Murderous, unloving personalities decay and shrivel-up their soul-fragment since care and lovingness helps it to grow. Murderous-thUgs can't even love their own soul, let alone other souls. Cult minions have all chosen to participate in the lie of becoming murderous-thUgs in exchange for fake mind-uploads, so Satan-race monsters do a service by helping remove their type of personalities from humanity by tricking them to suicide.

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