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Radio Hacking Cars and Homes- Samy Kamkar Exposes The Tricks Of Their Craft (Freemasonry's Electronic, Hidden Brain-Hacking-Craft)

JamesRoss - 304 Views
Published on 26 Dec 2022 / In Technology

This guy exposes the RF craft to hack into your devices beyond normal understanding.

The WW3 Luciferian world-take-over involves hacking the brains of the non-Cult people using covertly installed brainchips similar to the brainchip Polina exposes... it is magnetic and thus the manchurian candidate is required to ingest magnetic nano-particles(MNP) in order for the bio-robotic remote-controlling of zombies to be activated.

Most processed foods can be laced with MNPs in order to communicate to the brain neurons

This is the main tool of the secret WW3 against the sheeple by the Freemasonic-Luciferians... Time to wake-up or you will be sent to their slaughter-houses(figuratively speaking).

This guy demonstrates how much the general public understands about modern tech... and he is oblivious of the hacking of human brains by the Freemason-Luciferians.

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