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"Democrats on a Bus"--> It's Intellectual Froglegs

Intellectual Froglegs
Intellectual Froglegs - 7,443 Views
Published on 23 Jan 2019 / In Entertainment

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no0negun 2 years ago

Soooo Gooood!
Well done Froglegs.
Perfect timing on the Floyd on your vids too.

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sunseasnowski 2 years ago

Hey Jo Dan, so much fun to make fun a these demoncrat intellectual retards. ha ha! And you are the best at it I've seen or heard! lol, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

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fastfreddie281 2 years ago

To this day, I still feel that your videos are just plain awesome and cannot understand why or how you do not have more subs on YouTube. Here's to the new platforms ?

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Grilla 2 years ago

More, we need more.

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Jim Allen III
Jim Allen III 2 years ago

I quit flying because of TSA too. As long as I have to remove my shoes and belt to get on a plane headed to a destination in the country even!

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