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"71" Camaro Restomod CS130 Alternator Upgrade Powermaster 47461 11-05-2020

Published on 06 Nov 2020 / In Cars and Vehicles

Original brand new CS130 100 amp alternator that came with my GMPP serpentine accessory drive wasn't going to be enough power. Upgraded to the Powermaster 47461.

Forgot to mention in the video the wattage rating of the resistor for the standard GM CS130 when placed in series with the "L" connector when not using a warning bulb in a completed circuit or in parallel with the bulb. The 71 Camaro ran a 194 bulb which is 3.8 watts (2 candle power) for the warning light. I would recommend 5 watts and a wire wound resistor would be my preference instead of a ceramic or carbon type. In either case the CS130 needs to see resistance on the "L" connector to charge correctly. There is a lot of conflicting information online about resistance values. Resistor in series with "L" at 13.8 volts and using no bulb in a completed circuit worked out to about 50 ohms. Using a bulb and a resistor in parallel with the bulb to maintain the "L" circuit should the bulb burn out is about 500 ohms or slighlty more.

The Powermaster 47461 does not require a resistor but will still run a warning light correctly. The "L" connector has no effect on the alternator's ability to charge correctly according to Powermaster. It is a true one wire!

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