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Queen Size Bed Frame DIY

Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson - 13,034 Views
Published on 08 Nov 2018 / In How-to and Style

In this video I show you how to make a Queen Sized Bed Frame. This is a very sturdy frame made from wood and metal legs. If you are going to be using a foam style mattress without box springs then you can follow along with the cuts that are made in the video. If you are going to use a boxspring then use the alternate cuts to accommodate the extra size of the box springs. I built this bed for $110 but prices may vary depending on where you live. Shopping Big box stores will almost double the cost.

You will need a few materials to complete this project:
9 = 8"x1" Pipes
18 = 1" floor flanges
7 = 2x6x96 boards
6 to 12 = 2x4x93 boards
1-1/4" screws
2" screws
3" screws

Final cuts:
Sides- [email protected]"
Head/foot- [email protected]"
[email protected]"
Slats-8 to [email protected]"

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Corythestory 1 month ago

Good god that looks like it weighs 300 pounds.... here's a better idea! Quit being a cheap son of a bitch and buy one they are only $100

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Chaligal 3 months ago

Nice and simple and sturdy. But I think I'd use thinner slats and perhaps make the bed supports taller to lift the frame higher off the ground (easier to clean beneath). Alternatively, I'd consider substituting with locking "wheels" to make bed easier to move (e.g. the types of wheels and stabilizers used for grand pianos).

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unisuit56 4 months ago

You’ve never had to move a bed. Looks solid and heavy.

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SeZa 4 months ago

upsidedown all the weight with mattress and people rest on 2 bottom side boards. should put legs on other side.

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old70rebel 5 months ago

Hope you never have to move it. Looks like 250#

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