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Pt2 FF Oct 4-11th EAS, Labor Pains, BlackSwan Event, CBDC, CIA, Religious/Govt Leaders

Resistance Chicks
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Published on 20 Oct 2023 / In News and Politics

Pt2 Oct 4-11th False EAS, False Labor Pains, BlackSwan Event, False Money CBDC, False Protection CIA, False Religious/Govt Leaders
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Do not be pawns, On Star Trek, the TV series, the extras always end up dead!

Evil, false religious leaders, the governments all working together are tearing it down to Build Back Better. It is getting into winter in Ukraine so they just switched their demolition of a country.

It is all about CBDC, Only use gold and silver coins. (Disclaimer this is not revelation or tribulation) Evil men, CIA, etc. have made false labor pains. Start preaching the Gospel loudly, and boldly, Christianity is the real religion that brings peace. Jesus Christ. Can put a wedge between both sides. To the ordinary soldier, and people. Jesus Sets people free from being used by the evil religious leaders! (governments) Globalists, who never get shot or die. Never risk their lives. Oct 4th Oct 11th. Emergency Broadcast was a pre-planned Black Swan event. Well, now we have the globalist narrative formed. Israel allowed this attack like America allowed Pearl Harbor to pull the world into World War. We can throw a monkey wrench into it by calling it out. It is obvious!

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