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PrimerFusion Part 1 (by David LaPoint)

JamesRoss - 81 Views
Published on 09 Jul 2024 / In Science

David's experiments have shown him that this "fusion" results in the release of more energy than consumed. It is certainly not the same as the "cold fusion" claimed back in the 1990s.
David is honest and isn't another Luciferian bullshitter, so his aneutronic-fusion is worth a good look.

David was asked to join the Electric Universe club but he chose to go independent ignoring the SAFIRE-project at the EU-club. The NWO Freemasons arrange for David to be covertly brainchipped by the medical-Mafia and then David began hearing the "voice of god" weapon used against all targeted individuals offering to convert them into gangstalkers for their own self-preservation.
Homo capensis, who are in control of the Mystery School cUlt of Freemasons and Luciferian minions, had a different plan for David because he really thinks God is talking to him. Well, poor David was redirected to serve the NWO out of trickery. Maybe this primer fusion reactor really is doing what he claims... But you have to realize that the wicked ancient devils only use humans for their own purposes.

David is following instructions from the NWO creators, so you know that cannot end-up being good for much.

You see, this is what happens in Western Civilization... Freemasons are spies for the NWO and when a new idea or invention is created... they take it over or steal it from another dead-man. David is naive to the NWO and the secret society technologies so he thus managed to stay alive through his good-intentions.

26,864 views Apr 20, 2022 UNITED STATES
This video briefly introduces PrimerFusion, a revolutionary fusion concept based on the PrimerField theories of electromagnetism. This process is patent-pending and in the experimental stage. The next PrimerFusion reactor is currently under construction, and this new design incorporates many modifications based on the results of previous PrimerFusion reactor experiments. We hope to begin testing this new PrimerFusion reactor in the summer of 2022. Future videos will be released soon to provide further information about the previous PrimerFusion experiments and the complete PrimerFusion process.

PrimerFusion is an aneutronic approach to fusion energy that produces no carbon emissions. In addition, the cost of the electricity produced with PrimerFusion will be much lower than current forms of energy production. Therefore, with PrimerFusion, we can simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.

You can find more information on our websites and www.

This video was produced by the PrimerField Foundation. The PrimerField Foundation is a 501 c3 non-profit registered with the IRS. All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. With your support, we can change the world.


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