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President Trump commits to ‘orderly transition’ of power after Biden win certified

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 235 Views
Published on 07 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics





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janebase54 18 days ago

Thank you Ms. Linda for giving us truth. 45 will always be with us. He was not perfect but God used him for a season. In God We Trust. Love you . Blessings on you & family

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MistyR 18 days ago

Notice, he did not say a smooth transition "to a Biden administration. "
I still believe it will be just like Pompeo said...a smooth transition to another Trump administration.
The crime is complete. The illegal votes were certified. Now arrests should begin soon.
Praying, and praying, amd praying!!!
Praying for the Lord's will to be done, not mine.

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honeybee2 19 days ago

Thank you, Linda for all of your reporting. I watched Zoom last night (but did not sign in). I only wish I could have heard the 1st part - but thank you & may God bless you for what you did show! I live where there is no church & I cant be part of a fellowship so this is my fellowship. Thinking it wont be long before they shut all of this down & the internet, too, but for now I am so grateful for you!

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 19 days ago

Thank you hun. I have incorperated a lot of what I said in Zoom that got glitched out in several videos so if you are watching all my videos, then you are getting what was lost and then some. Love you and will see you very soon....hopeful before summer.

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Family777 19 days ago

Linda, thank you. ❤️ We know who really wins. Jesus.and these people aren't gonna like it but they made the choice to be evil.

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 19 days ago

Yes, Jesus wins!

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