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Playing with the Linux Pinephone... Luciferians are Less Likely able to Track You for Future Persecution if Society Collapses and Technocacy takes over.

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Published on 05 May 2022 / In Technology

Rob connects is Laptop as a terminal to his Linux phone and begins programming it. Perfect learning tool for children to become smart as smart-phones.

"We will experiment with my Pinephone and see what we can do with this at this early stage. We will test wifi, LTE, SSH, Copying to eMMC flash storage, sound test, load desktop apps, test desktop apps, create a development environment for C. Write a short C program.

Using Phosh with PostmarketOS for this exercise.

While we wait for the Mobile UI's to be finished, we're going to play and let Ubuntu Touch, Phosh, LuneOS, Plasma Mobile, Maemo Leste, Sailfish, Nemo all get a chance to get

This play time will not spend too much time on the UI's or focusing on their bugs but to see what we know we can do on the device so far.

Although some have made a phone call, and used SMS, I have not tried that and have not researched the procedures since it is not part of the UI yet. I also have not found
current instructions for the camera."

You may want to dual boot your PC or Laptop to use Alpine Linux:

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