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Phil Schneider 1996 DUMB Deep Underground Military Bases

JamesRoss - 191 Views
Published on 09 Dec 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

Phil comes across as a man authentic with good-integrity and good-intent.

His ex-wife claimed his medical clinic that he visited for treatment for his ailments suddenly disappeared upon his death... no traces... which means they were likely poisoning him with each visit... performing a medical-mafia mind-job upon him each visit.

This also indicates to me that they would have covertly brainchipped Phil, also. That means they could bio-robot his body and he would have no memory... He would have lived on in his own probable-world but in this one the Freemasons finally murdered him completely like they did William Cooper a few years later.

To understand the brainchip-sabotage, Vincent Lee was brainchipped before 2008 and used as a bio-robot to murder Timothy McLean. Lee was also hypnotized and conscious for durations after the bio-robot murder... so Lee was inocent of murder and the Freemasons set him free with a new name so they could use him again as a bio-robot during the Brainchipzombie-Apocolypse before 2030. You can see the brainchip-zombies already coming-out of sleeper state:


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