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Overcoming Being Fragile
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Overcoming the #FakePresident

Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan - 11,704 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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ONEMADGNOME1956 3 years ago

Here's another fact...
This is a link to the topographic map
of Capital Hill area in Washington D.C.
This shows that if they shut off THE UNDERGROUND SEWER
SYSTEM PUMPS that keep D.C. from flooding during a
normal rainstorm, then the miiddle of the area would
go back to REALLY being a swamp !!

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ONEMADGNOME1956 3 years ago

Remember when BIDEN supposedly "hurt" his left foot and had an ankle boot on ?
Remember how he was walking around
ON A BROKEN ANKLE... nothing was bothering him ?
They have those boots WITH a GPS tracker in them for prisoners in stay-at-home incarceration situations, so they can see exactly when the subject goes
(...It gives you longitude/latitude & sea level altitude...)
SO... The Feds can actually see you go
into a building and be able to tell what floor of it you are on !
Neat detail...hmmm??
Joe got snagged weeks ago...
Trump told him to play out his part in this "movie" or he would immediately be executed for his dealing with China !
BTW... Trump's home in Mar-a-Largo
is also called...
...wait for it....
"The Winter White House"
Where is PRESIDENT TRUMP right now ?

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SR Grassie
SR Grassie 3 years ago

There are many things to give us hope, but the EO's from President Biden are now showing up on the Federal Register. Looks like they are "real" and happening.

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chiamaria 3 years ago

That photo of Biden placing his hand on the bible with upside down crosses is from the 2009 inauguration. We gotta be careful.

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daisyimages 3 years ago

Thank you so much , I cannot really believe that the USA would have someone like Biden as their president, he cannot really speak, there is something really wrong mentally with him.

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Overcoming Being Fragile
The Independent Christian Church Of God