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Open Panel come and join me for a chat and promote your channel #BlackWingParanormal

Black Wing Paranormal
Published on 30 Apr 2021 / In Spiritual

I am going to do my 1st open panel chat stream and your all invited, you can have your camera off but I would like to see your face before you join the panel in The Black Room, thats quite a few classes up than the Green rooms celebs have lol. I am hoping everyone will enjoy this.
So come in, Let me know you want to come upon panel and I will put the link in chat, I am a monitised channel so cant put up with certain content, even if I agree. Give respect you will get it back 3 fold, Be unkind you will also get that back 3 fold Let's have a great night, maybe can make it a regular thing? Let's see.
Much Love, Blessed Be XX
If no one wishes to come up on panel its all good were have a chat and talk with some spirits xx
** My Link's **

Email:- [email protected]
Merch 1:- https://black-wing-paranormal.teemill​...
Merch 2:-​
Gab:- Parler Free Speach platform.

Please try and follow me on other platforms, If YouTube were to idk remove my channel for some crazy reason then I wouldn't be able to have contact with a lot of you, I would be so upset if that happened and I lost % of My Beautiful Tribe, So please follow me on other platforms I DONT want to loose any of you. Much Love, Blessed Be xX xX

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Music Credited to:- Song: NIVIRO - The Ghost [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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#BlackWingPresents #DemonicActivity

#TribeFam #TribalLove #EvilSpirits

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