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Only Land Owners Vote - First Responders Quitting

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Published on 08 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

At the Founding of America Only Property Owners Could Vote

Early American voters were required to be property owners. If a person did not own property, they could not vote. This practice by the founders of this nation is viewed in both a positive and negative light by today's observers. It is argued that such a practice is hardly one that portrays freedom to all people, nor shows that the Founding Fathers believed that all men were created equal.
Since women could not own property, nor could slaves, and most newcomers and the poor could not afford to own property, the practice ensured only the rich, white slave owners were able to vote - however, that is a view of the practice by collectivists, those that view the founding of this nation in a bad light.
The real reasons for limiting the voting to property owners are actually very different from the collectivist viewpoint, and in truth, was designed in the way it was in order to preserve liberty, not limit it.

Democrats’ Plan to Turn Illegal Aliens Into Voters

As citizens watch America’s southern frontier melt away, millions wonder whether this is a gargantuan goof by Joe Biden or intentional public policy.

Biden’s border bedlam is not a bug. It’s a feature of this faux moderate’s far-left agenda. Those whom conservatives call illegal aliens, Biden considers Future Democrats of America. Why fight over today’s voters when you can let 633,124 potential new ones invade the USA, from February 1 through May 31, versus 111,490 in 2020’s like period — up 468 percent?

These people are here to stay. Pre-Biden, federal officials handed illegal aliens documents with distant dates when — wink, wink — they would plead for asylum before federal judges. “See you then” — nudge, nudge — replied the Great Uninvited.

Australia, Israel Report 95-99% Hospitalized Fully Vaccinated

Reports coming out of Israel claim hospitals are being filled with vaccinated people, 95 percent of whom are suffering serious illness being fully vaccinated.

“I understand that most of the patients are vaccinated, even ‘severe’ patients. Exactly. Naturally occurring. Old people, most of them are vaccinated,” Israeli Dr. Kobi Haviv told News Israel 13 Thursday.

I saw this some where.
— Carlos (@OnePokerMind) August 5, 2021

“Most of the population is vaccinated, and 90%… 85%-90% of the hospitalizations here are ‘Fully vaccinated’ people.”

Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Have Resigned Over A Vaccine Mandate, Union Says

Dozens of Massachusetts State Police troopers have put in their resignation papers following the state's COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the State Police Association of Massachusetts said.

Under Gov. Charlie Baker's executive order issued last month, all executive department employees are required to show proof of vaccination on or before Oct. 17, or they will be fired.

Vaccine Mandates Causing Huge Number of Employee Resignations

The intended effect of Covid-19 vaccination mandates is to drive up the vaccination rate and encourage more people to take the jab. The unintended consequence, as would be expected, has been a continued number of employees who decide to quit their job rather than be forced into receiving a vaccination they don’t want.

From police officers to nurses, to firefighters and other personnel, both in the public and private sector, the number of employees leaving their jobs in many cases is drastically overwhelming employers’ ability to replace them.

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