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CDC health experts quitting, China’s economy imploding, Blackrock loses 1.7 trillion, Hoover Dam explosion, cops in Australia quitting and more!

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 3,955 Views
Published on 24 Jul 2022 / In Spiritual

The CDC and NIH are losing leadership. Many so-called experts are quitting signalling a collapse of the two organizations. China’s economy is also imploding with banks stealing depositors money. CEO of Evergrande quitting. There was another explosion at the Hoover Dam, which was another Kabal ritualistic site. Biden’s Saudi Arabia tour was a flop because he failed to influence them to produce more oil for America. This is going to signal collapse in the US economy with fuel prices high and shortages in oil. Tune in for more coverage!

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PennyC 10 months ago

Your clip was David Straight, Out of Babylon series, no. 1 l think. Some contradicted by Phil Godlewski, but David's heart, integrity and inside knowledge ring true for me

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sullytoes 10 months ago

I have found a tracking device in my brand new bra which i brought on ebay but came from china, i have taken photos of the bra and the device it was in between the cups, i had to cut it out, it was also in a sealed plastic bag, i would like to send you photos but am not sure how

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francis 10 months ago

thank you

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hard-drive 10 months ago

china bankruptcy is indian fake news,
china is +7% growth
india is -10% growth
england is -10% growth
usa is -6% growth

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hard-drive 10 months ago

cdc "bad science" is not about 5 years old vaccine ... but whole covid hoax,
by the way , covid hoax vaccine is only advised for +85 years old, average american life expectancy being 76

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